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Our Mission

Midwest CATV builds the infrastructure to connect communities with the latest technology. We enable seamless communication, prosperity, and human connections by delivering cutting-edge and reliable wired and wireless networks.

What We Do

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Aerial Construction

We're here to support your connectivity needs, ensuring you stay connected, no matter what. New installs, maintenance and emergency calls 24/7.

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Fiber Placement

Efficient and seamless fiber placement, ensuring that your network infrastructure remains robust and reliable with over 1,000 miles of cable installed.

MCI - Midwest CATV Wireless

Wireless Construction

Ensuring your infrastructure is efficient, up-to-date, and perfectly suited to your needs. Performing with In-house integrations, full L&A, Tiger Tea, and structural crews.

MCI - Midwest CATV Electrical


Here to power your needs, keeping you connected and energized with cutting-edge electrical solutions. Commercial or Industrial, performance and integrity is apparent when everything is power hot. 

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Our Clients

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Connecting the Heartland: Our Service Areas

Midwest CATV proudly serves a wide range of service areas, extending our commitment to connect communities with the latest technology across the Midwest region.

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Together, We Build a More Connected World

Join us in our mission to create a more connected and prosperous Midwest for all. Where you can contribute to making a meaningful impact on the local communities.

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