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Wireless Construction

Midwest CATV

Wireless Construction

MCI offers comprehensive wireless infrastructure solutions for carriers, tower companies, and property owners. Our services cover all aspects of wireless network deployment and maintenance. Whether you need to upgrade an existing macro cell site or install a new small cell system, our team of technicians and project managers deliver expert solutions.

Our wireless services include:

  • Line and antenna decommissioning, installation, and maintenance

  • Tower modifications and structural reinforcement

  • Civil construction for new wireless sites

  • Site Integrations

  • DAS and small cell system deployment

  • RF Optimization

  • Microwave Pathing

  • Troubleshooting and PIM testing

  • Tower structural surveys and inspections

With extensive experience across all facets of wireless infrastructure, MCI provides turnkey solutions from initial planning through long-term site management. Our field crews have the expertise to handle projects of any scale and complexity to meet coverage and capacity needs.

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